Inside WorkSure

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WorkSure monitors and records what users are doing on their computers at any given time throughout their workday.

Central Work Console

From the central WorkSure console, you will see, in real-time, what your employees are currently doing, what documents they are using, what websites they are visiting, are they on break and how long have they been doing it?

Instant Status Report

WorkSure arms you with a powerful 'instant status report' on what happening on your team. Who's working? Who's on break? Is everyone on the same page working towards the common goal?

The WorkSure interface is broken up into 3 main sections

A navigation bar on the left side of the main window - You can use this to move from one section of the product to another. Whenever WorkSure is started, the 'Live monitor' tab will be selected.

The main data viewing area - This is the large area on the right and is used to create various views of the data, change configuration settings, etc.

The 'Menu' area at the top of the main window - From here you can launch special operations, such as adding a new computer for monitoring or registering the product.