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What We Do

ByStorm Software was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to enabling you to audit who and what processes are accessing your files, to protect sensitive information by controlling access to files and managing what can be done with the data once accessed, and to comply with regulations and company policies with pre-built yet extremely customizable reporting and alerting.

How We Do IT

ByStorm's flagship product, FileSure, leverages patent-pending technology to audit and control file access based on pre-defined policies, or rules, that can be configured at multiple levels across your organization. Your access policy is automatically distributed and is autonomous on each and every server and workstation, however, coordinated from the central location of your choosing. FileSure complements and extends your existing Microsoft Windows security model and accomplishes what you previously thought impossible to do or simply too expensive and beyond your reach.

Who We Are

ByStorm's leadership includes software industry veterans who understand how to simplify complex problems. We each have over 20 years at both security and systems management software companies including McAfee, BMC Software, Mission Critical Software, NetIQ, and Alert Logic, among others. We decided to start and maintain a small software company focused on solving end-user challenges rather than focusing on investor priorities which is what most software companies are in existence to do. We are self-funded and enjoy understanding your needs and working to help you to be successful.