Our mission is to provide superior, convenient and affordable technical support for those who use computers. We accomplish that by using the best available technology and by tapping into the talent of highly qualified Americans. We are leading the way to ensure a stronger America while setting a new standard for "Green" ... you can be part of it all while reaping outstanding benefits!

Our elite team of certified US based support specialists has been stringently screened and tested, so you can be assured your issue will be directed to the most qualified expert. They know how to resolve your issue(s) without having to flip through pages of scripted text. There is no reason to settle for less than the best; we have the best right here in America. We have specialists for most computer issues and when needed, veteran managers with some of the highest IT certifications in the industry. They are available 24/7, to ensure you get help when you need it, without delays.

All work is done securely and remotely while you watch from the comfort of wherever you are. Your problem will be resolved without frustration.

Setting the standard for "Green" benefits us all, but in particular for you, there will be no need to drive your computer to a repair center, or worse yet, ship it off to a distant location. That saves you fuel and time. We utilize paperless billing, which saves money as well as trees. And to ensure your safety and privacy, we've partnered with a recognized leader in secure financial transactions: Authorize.Net. You can rest easy knowing your sensitive information and privacy will not be compromised or hacked into like others you might hear about on the news.

Every feature of CloudIT makes financial sense! Our service costs only 83 cents per minute, and if we are unable to fix or resolve your issue, there is NO cost to you.

There are no contracts to sign, no wasted minutes, no frustration. You won't hear voice prompts, you won't be transferred to the wrong department or to someone overseas. We make your computer issue as much a priority with us as it is with you. We will resolve it as soon as you contact us - not the next day or the day after. We are here for you.

What you get with CloudIT is the simply the best choice and the best solution. We guarantee it!